End of May Family Update

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So I was going to post this on my blog, but it is limping its way into an upgraded version of the blogging software I use. Plus, Scott was wanting me to contribute to this blog.

Yesterday Andrew demonstrated an awesome new skill: putting things into a box. Taking things out of boxes has long been part of the little guy’s list of conquered skills, but yesterday, he suddenly began picking one book up, walking across the room with it and depositing it into the book box. Then he went back for another and another book, each time walking across the living room to place one book in the box.

I was pretty excited about this, because at the end of everyday I have to put all the books away and all the toys away. I thought that he had created a game for himself that would lessen the amount of clutter in the house. Then today I found this:


He continues to put things into boxes, but I have realized that he has no concept that certain items belong in certain boxes. Here we see the contents of his clothes bins and diaper bin put neatly away into the toy box along with the toys he was putting away. So much for the lessened clutter. It’s still really funny to watch him put stuff away though.

As for the rest of May, we did a few fun things. I forced Scott and Andrew to wear some cute clothes to take a Mother’s Day picture. Scott complained that Andrew and I got to wear clothes we would normally wear, but that he had to wear a shirt that he wouldn’t wear. He says that’s why it’s such torture to ever get family pictures done, because the mom makes you wear something you don’t like and forces you to smile about it. I argued that matching shirts make the pictures look a hundred times better than non-matching shirts, which I figure only moms appreciate the value of. I think the pictures turned out great (after taking over 100 of them), so I say the disliked shirt was worth it.

IMG_3337.jpg IMG_3339.jpg IMG_3355.jpg IMG_3396.jpg IMG_3378.jpg

Later in the month, Andrew and I took a trip to the Saint Louis, Missouri temple with some friends. It was nice, but very tiring. Too much driving and dealing with crying Andrew.

IMG_3444.jpg IMG_3445.jpg

For Memorial Day our ward had a picnic indoors. Here is Andrew playing with his buddy Laney. He gets scared of her sometimes!

IMG_3460.jpg IMG_3463.jpg IMG_3466.jpg IMG_3471.jpg IMG_3472.jpg

And finally, here’s some more video of Andrew walking. He’s really really good at it now. He keeps me busy.

YouTube Preview Image


(See the whole photo album)

2 Responses to “End of May Family Update”

  1. Ron

    OH,THAT Was funnnnny. What a cute kid. I really love that little guy. I am so glad you two are taking the time to get this time on record. You will never regret it. Just cant wait till Family reunion. Keep up the good work and I do mean work!
    LOVE, Ron

    P.S. Tara loved the new stuff too. Mom is out of town.

  2. Allison

    Scott and Catherine,

    That video of Andrew is hilarious. He is laughing so hard he can’t even walk. I LOVE IT.
    P.S.- Nate is living semi-close to you right now and I’ll be there for the rest of the summer starting in two weeks… are you going to let me babysit? Maybe for date night? He’s too cute!