Easter 2011

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So, I’m going to do a little blog catch up, since there are some things that I think are really worthwhile to put on here. Also, I just learned that picassa makes photo collages really easily, so you should be seeing more of those on here instead of a long string of photos. That way you can look at them more in detail if you want, or you can just scroll past the collage and get to the post.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Even as a kid it was a nice laid-back holiday where we all had fun together and no one got stressed out about anything, as tends to happen with the busier holidays. I really like the opportunity to enjoy spring and remember the atonement and resurrection as well. It really is such a time for rebirth and renewal.

The kids had a blast this year. We did multiple Easter egg hunts and ended up with way too much candy (even though I tried to recycle it from one hunt to the next). But seriously, who knew Easter egg hunts with little kids would be so hilarious! Ever year I have more fun watching them look right at an egg and not see it. We also do little gifts, which are really just the stuff I need to buy them anyway, but save up so I can hide it from them. Like, a couple of years ago, Scott was really sick of squeezing the water out of tuna, so I bought a little thing you press into the can to make it easier to get the liquid out and hid that for Andrew to find. Anyway, here’s a funny, but longish video of them hunting for their loot.

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