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Andrew and Easter Eggs

Easter never seems like that big of a holiday when it comes around, even though it celebrates the most important event in the history of the world. Even so, I find that I tend to enjoy it a great deal. It ends up being a relaxing Sunday that often is spent with friends or family while eating good food.

Andrew is just a little guy and doesn’t understand holidays yet, but we sent him on an Easter Egg hunt anyway. I hid plastic eggs filled with his rice puff snacks, candy for Scott and I, and various “gifts” which were just things we needed anyway like cabinet locks and a drain plug.

We let Andrew crawl around doing his normal things, and occasionally he would stumble across an egg. At this point, Scott and I would cheer, “Yay, he found one!” and proceed to empty the egg’s contents and let Andrew play with the egg. This lasted all day, when at 8:30pm the 24th egg was found.

To add to the fun, I made my first ham. It was a spiral cut, honey baked ham from Sam’s Club with a super yummy glaze. I almost dumped it on the floor after it was cooked, as I tried to glaze it. I saw my ham dinner and future ham sandwiches flash before my eyes. Luckily, it landed on the oven door, and didn’t roll any further. We topped it with a pineapple sauce I got from AllRecipes.com. It turned out delicious!

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  1. SaraCW

    What a fun egg hunt!

    I would have eaten it anyway.

    “If you are really paranoid, you can trim the skin off” – Jonathan.