December Update

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We went to our ward Christmas party on Friday night, and thought that Andrew might like meeting Santa Clause for the first time…


Poor guy, must have a fear of bearded people.

Anyway, we have had a busy December so far. I have been super busy with school work, and Catherine has been working hard to get our Christmas gifts ready (before our trip to California), and take care of crazy Andrew. Andrew loves to climb up anything he sees. I just know he is going to break his arm multiple times before he’s 10. Andrew’s other interests include: feeding himself with a fork, dipping his food in whatever he can find, shredding tissues into the smallest possible pieces, cooking muffins with his daddy, dancing, playing with every electricity outlet in the house, getting tickled, typing and mousing on the computer, and screaming.

IMG_3849.JPG IMG_3853.JPG IMG_3854.JPG IMG_3856.JPG IMG_3857.JPG IMG_3862.JPG IMG_3863.JPG

Catherine is now about the size that she was at the end of her pregnancy with Andrew, so we are venturing into new territory on that front too.

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