Copy Cats

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There’s this thing about having twins that they copy everything they see the other one do. I’ve begun to realize that this really leads to them reinforcing each others habits, and many things get really ingrained in their behavior.

Last night I was considering posting about how the girls are basically potty training themselves. It began with them taking their diapers off every few days and asking to use their potties. Then it led to them following Andrew outside in the backyard when he snuck out to pee on the grass (I guess they don’t just copy each other), which as you can imagine ended up with two little girls standing in puddles on the back porch.

Anyway, so then they began taking off their diapers more and more often, despite me trying to duct-tape them on. Eventually I realized that they were actually using their potties and not having hardly any accidents. So now we’re on day three of the girls not wearing diapers at all at home, and they have had only one accident.

Potty training Andrew was the second most frustrating thing for me about having kids. I don’t know if it was him or me doing it wrong, but it took about 9 months and really only got good a few months ago. So I really feel for anyone else who has had a rough time with it, and I certainly don’t claim to know what I’m doing.

So, as I was composing this post in my head about how awesome the girls are at using their potties, we put the girls in their cribs for bed, and they climbed right back out, and we put them in again, and they came out again, and again, until an hour later they finally went to sleep, and I was reminded that having some little copy cats around is not always a good thing. Especially when the number one most frustrating thing for me about having kids is…fighting with them to get them to sleep.

Which also reminded me of how they unceasingly:

  • throw their food on the floor
  • take their shoes off in the car
  • have to have the hoods of their sweatshirts up all the time
  • and try on other kids’ shoes.

All because they see each other doing it, and think it’s fun. Also, want to bet they can’t manage to leave their diapers on during nursery today?…In fact, I think I might just put them in overalls for church today. Crazy little girlies.

But, I am really, really, really enjoying the thought that they might be potty trained soon. Ahh, no more diapers for me. If it really happens, that will be so awesome. En serio.

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