Boating and Surfing

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I love how pictures from the beach and lake always turn out really well. These aren’t really the best example of it, but my favorite pictures of our family always seem to be at the beach. So I’m a little bit jealous of Scott this year. Last summer, I wanted to take surf lessons, but never did, because we really wanted to hang out together on Saturdays. This year, Scott’s firm paid for all the summer associates to take a surf lesson, and then some enjoyed it so much that they bought surf boards and meet up several times a week. I guess I could have gone early in the mornings last year like Scott has been, but I didn’t really realize it was an option. Anyway, so Scott’s been surfing a bunch and next year (if we get a job in California, *fingers crossed*, I hope, I hope) I’ll have to go. The wife of one of the other associates wants to learn too, so maybe she and I can be surfing buddies.

When Scott and I were dating I went to the beach with him and his family a couple of times, and was introduced to a tradition of theirs. Every time they go to the beach, they dig a big hole with a wall in front. Not too close to the waves, but close enough that as the tide comes in (after you’ve been working on your hole for over an hour) the waves will start to come in and eventually will destroy even the best-built walls. When we were dating it seemed funny that Scott, his dad and his teenage brothers were working so hard on a hole, but I learned to enjoy it and now the kids are really liking it. They work so hard to make the perfect “swimming pool.”

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  1. Kim

    Love all the pictures! Especially the ones of the girls with pigtails. We were so glad you were here for the summer. Love you!