Blast from the Past Baby Updates – 2/6/09

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Our internet and phone were broken all morning, which was a pain. Scott had to drive over to the cable company twice and then borrow our neighbors phone to make them fix it.

Anyway, On Tuesday the babies were doing something weird to my hips and I couldn’t walk. I had no pain while I was just sitting or laying, but I could not move my legs to walk without a lot of pain. I actually had to crawl around the apartment. Scott came home, and I got some crutches from a member of our ward, but I haven’t had any problems since.

Yesterday, we had to clean out our cupboards and pantry for a mandatory bug spray of the entire apartment building. So we had to be out of the apartment for a few hours. Luckily a friend had us over for lunch and we hung out at her house. It totally messed up Andrew’s nap schedule though, and I felt exhausted by the end of the day.

That’s all that’s new. We haven’t decided on names, but we’ve narrowed our list considerably. We still have to make sure no surprise boys pop out.

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