Blast from the Past Baby Updates – 2/2/09

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38 Weeks

So there’s really nothing new to report this week. I’m really getting bored with all the doctor’s appointments I have. The babies look great. The lower, presenting one is head down and in place to come out. The second one has moved from being side-by-side with the lower one to being more lying across the top. This has been more comfortable for me, since there are not two little heads feeling like rocks in my pelvis.

Yesterday I felt like how I feel when I’m on my period. That might sound exciting, but my periods always involved absolutely zero pain and only a very, very mild muscle ache to let me know that something was happening. I was hoping though that it was the start of going into labor, but today I don’t even feel that mild muscle ache. So I just feel bored with doctor’s appointments and bored with waiting for the babies to come.

My next appointment is next Monday at 7am. I hope I have the babies before then, because 7am is too early to be at the doctor’s. Although, I guess I’ll still probably be getting more sleep if I don’t have them.

So I think I shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public anymore. I took Andrew to an indoor playground here in town today and this kid that was probably four tried to look under my shirt and asked, “Why is your tummy fat?” I replied, “There’s a baby in there.” He said, “Why a baby?” To which I replied, “That’s what happens with babies.” Then he asked, “When is the baby going to pop out?” I just said, “Soon I hope.”

Then later another random kid who said he was five patted my stomach and asked, “What is in your tummy?” “Babies,” I said. “Two!?” he replied. Later he ran by and said, “Two babies is too many.”

It was pretty funny. I guess I don’t look like a normal fat person and I just look like I have some ball that these kids could be playing with if I wasn’t hiding it from them under my shirt.

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