Blast from the Past Baby Updates – 1/28/09

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So yesterday I went to the doctor’s. We had an ultrasound and the babies weigh about 5 lb 7 oz and 6 lb 4 oz, and one was head down and the other head up. Hopefully, they’ll both get facing the right way and stay there soon. I haven’t had any contractions or anything really. My doctor’s appointments take three or four hours now and I have one every week. It’s a pain.

On Saturday my visiting teachers threw a baby shower for me. It had a theme of “two peas in a pod.” It was pretty cute. They had iron-on things you could draw on and iron onto a onesie. So, people made me customized onesies. I got a ton of baby clothes too. For Andrew I had maybe two plastic grocery bags of clothes for each age (0-3 months, 3-6, etc.). I started filling so many grocery bags while separating girl clothes that I eventually switched to trash bags. I have one full trash bag for each age and about four grocery bags of accessories. Some of it is hand-me-down stuff, but I already got rid of anything I didn’t think was cute or in good condition. We’re basically set on clothes and gear and everything. Although we are looking into buying a double nursing pillow, so I can feed them both at once.

I have a friend who just had twins in November, and she gave me a book called “Juggling Twins” that is good. It talks about a lot of important issues like how you’re never going to sleep again and stuff…ok, it’s not that bad, but it does bring up some good points about how much help you need and how to schedule your time.

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