Blast from the Past Baby Updates – 1/21/09

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I figure people would like to know how we’re handling everything here with two new little girls at home now, so I decided to resurrect this blog. I’m lazy though, so I’m mostly going to be posting parts of emails that I have sent to friends and family recently. So, sorry if some of this stuff seems familiar to you. Just feel special that I chose excerpts from my email to you.

First off, here are some updates on the endless weeks leading up to the twins’ delivery.

Update from 1/21/09:

So not much has happened lately with the babies. They’re getting bigger and more and more squashed. At my last ultrasound two weeks ago, one was 4 lbs 1 oz and the other was 5 lbs 1 oz. I have another ultrasound next Tuesday, so I’ll have more information on new sizes then. They are both head down and I can tell. It feels like there’s a rock grinding into on my pelvic bone when I walk. I am slowly getting more and more uncomfortable with normal stuff like carrying Andrew, walking around, and sitting for long periods of time. Two nights ago, I had an hour of contractions 5-6 minutes apart and I really thought I might be starting labor. Then, I rolled over onto my other side and they went away. So that’s all that is new with the babies.

In other news, we bought a cool slide for Andrew to play on in our living room. It’s his belated Christmas gift from us and a “you are getting baby sisters” gift. We brought it inside and he hasn’t stopped playing with it yet, and he’s even had a hard time falling asleep, because he’s so excited by it. I think it’ll be really fun for him.

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