Baby’s Here!

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Lydia's Birth

Here’s a quick introduction to our little Lydia Belen Cromar. She was born December 11, 2013 at 3:32am in a spectacularly quick and dramatic fashion, which I shall tell you all about in a future post. She was our smallest singleton baby at 7 lb 2 oz, and only beat out Elira by 1 oz. Also, she makes 3 for 3 girls to be born on the 40 week mark. We’ve had the name Lydia in our minds during this whole pregnancy, but an eleventh-hour name of Clara almost crept in and stole the show. And for those wanting to know, Belen, is a name from my mission in Argentina (I think it’s a common name in most of Latin America). We thought it was sweet and simple and cute, goes well with Lydia, and it is also the translation of Bethlehem, so it is fitting for our most Christmassy baby.

Here’s more photos for anyone who wants to see more cute babyness. The little one is waking up and asking for food, so I’d better run.¬†We all love her so, so much already!

Lydia's Birth1

2 Responses to “Baby’s Here!”

  1. ashlee

    WOW!!! Congratulations!!! She is BEAUTIFUL and SUCH a Cromar! I can’t believe how big Miles looks in all of the photos! Oh… I wish you were here so I could bring you a meal and ooh and aaah over baby Lydia. Love the name. Can’t wait to hear the birth story! Sounds like it was exciting?

    Lots of Love!!!

  2. Shelly O

    She’s adorable!! Love all that hair! 40 weeks? I may have had a longer pregnancy, never thought that would happen. Hope you are doing well! I love that name too, doesn’t work with my last name so I really enjoy it when others can use it. Great shots of all the kiddos!!