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The Blue Granny

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A few months ago I bought the Blue Granny off Craigslist for $15. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a foot pedal, which I had to order and cost me $18. After a bit of oil, a bit of tension-knob adjusting, and a bit of getting Sew Sassy to order the correct 1969 parts for me,… Read more »

End of May Family Update

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So I was going to post this on my blog, but it is limping its way into an upgraded version of the blogging software I use. Plus, Scott was wanting me to contribute to this blog. Yesterday Andrew demonstrated an awesome new skill: putting things into a box. Taking things out of boxes has long… Read more »

Desert Rose

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So I know that the “Desert Rose” video implies that Las Vegas is the “desert rose,”  but if I ever get to meet Sting, the one question I ask him will be “Hey, so Desert Rose, it’s about Dune right?” Besides, Sting already has a connection to the 1984 movie version of Dune. Here he… Read more »

Weapon of Choice

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Continuing on my Dune kick, I decided to post some songs that are about Dune. There are surprisingly many. Just goes to show that Dune is the coolest. The first is Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim. I couldn’t embed any of the  videos off YouTube for some reason, so you have to click… Read more »