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Blast from the Past Baby Updates – 2/9/09

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This morning’s doctor’s appointments took forever! We got there at 7am for an ultrasound, and then waited from 7:30am until 8:15am for the non-stress test (putting the babies on monitors to watch their heart beats). No one was around yet that could approve of how they looked, so I was hooked up for nearly an… Read more »

More Fun Stories on Cat’s Website

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Catherine here. I’ve decided to give you guys some updates more often on the babies, Andrew and our life in general. Plus I’ve got a ton of entertaining stories on a daily basis, since our life has become much less boring with Zana and Elira coming along. So I’ve put them on my blog. Those… Read more »

Blast from the Past Baby Updates – 2/2/09

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So there’s really nothing new to report this week. I’m really getting bored with all the doctor’s appointments I have. The babies look great. The lower, presenting one is head down and in place to come out. The second one has moved from being side-by-side with the lower one to being more lying across the… Read more »