April Fools

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Every General Conference that happens in April we rotate out the food that is in our emergency supply kits for our car. We usually keep a few days worth of instant soup, granola bars, tuna packets and other things that’ll keep in there until the next April.

So I had the kids emergency supply food bags set up so they could get the food out and put the new food in. Although, all this was supposed to happen under my supervision.

As is usually the case, Andrew got up this morning before everyone else and started helping himself to breakfast downstairs. He saw the emergency kits and I’m sure he was just overjoyed at the thought of all the snacks they would get to eat today. Then he found something even better: packets of instant oatmeal.

Not knowing what he was doing he opened his instant oatmeal, and added tap water (the preferred method of preparation by all…except mommy), only to discover that it was a hot chocolate mix. He had accidentally opened a hot chocolate packet. He thought it was a really funny trick…and we didn’t even plan any April Fools jokes this year.

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