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Scott had stuff to do this evening, and I have been sitting here wasting the time I was going to use to finish up some projects. To make up for it, I’m giving you all another look at crazy little Miles. He has been seriously hilarious lately. I love this stage when they first start using full sentences. His vocabulary has grown so much too, but I still have trouble figuring him out. Oh, and I can’t bring myself to teach him to use “I”. It is just so, so funny when he says “me” all the time.

Also, just ignore the wonky formatting of this post. I don’t feel like fixing it today.

Miles took a nap this afternoon, so he was having a later bedtime. Finally, I told him to go get in bed.

Miles: Me no go bed. Me uh down-tairs uh eat.

Mommy: No, we are not having food. It’s bed time.

Miles: (So sweetly and innocently) Aaaaawe. Mommy, me no eat food me die.


And another bedtime conversation recently. He had already refused to go potty once and I gave up trying to take him and just read books together for before bed.

Mom: Miles, are you going to go potty or just get in bed?

Miles: Um, me not sure. Me going play dis game till bed time. (Sits there looking at Sponge Bob cards as if nothing is going on)

Mom: All right get in bed now then.

Miles: (While laying in bed, in a super sweet voice) Mom, me brush my teeth?

Mom: Argh, fine just go potty too (goes to help screaming Lydia).

Miles: (Brushes his teeth and gets in bed) Me not go potty.

Mom: …(walks out the door)

That darn guy. Then I had to take him potty again when I took Ellie before my bedtime. He’s lucky he’s so cute.

And the other day I was trying to figure out which show he wanted to watch. This is our actual real conversation, not just something I made up to showcase how he says the show names.

Miles: Me want Do-dobbin.

Mommy: (turns on Doc McStuffins)

Miles: Nooooo! Not Do-dubbin…Do-dobbin.

Mommy: What? What’s Do-dobbin then? You mean Paw Patrol?

Miles: No Dah-trol, Do-dobbin. Right der! (Points to Wally Kazam)

Zana: He’s saying “Bob Gobblin.”

Mommy: Jeeez.

And later…

Miles: Me want Eeeo Dahwar.

Mommy: What? Curious George?

Miles: No Deeo jorj. Deeeo Dahwar. Beebee Dahwar.

Mommy: Dora?

Miles: No….yeah, yeah…Doah, and Deeeo, and Beebee Dahwar!

Mommy: (starts to turn on a Dora episode)

Miles: No, not dat one…Eeeo, Dahwar and Doah.

Mommy: (at which point mommy realizes he is trying to say Diego and Baby Jaguar)

Other cartoon show names

For a long time he was saying “Ho go” for Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but now he says “Dake Piwate and Meeeeeeee” or just “and meeee.” Also he says  “Zoooeee, zoooeee” for Team Umi Zoomi.

And for a final story, we were getting ready to all go to the park together, so I told all the kids to go potty and get shoes on.

Miles: Me no go potty. Me went potty.

Mommy: Well, go again, since that was a while ago and we’re going to the park.

Miles: Me no go potty. (Walks out the door to the garage to get his bike and helmet for the ride to the park.)

One minute later…

Miles: (Comes running in from the garage, holding onto his bum.) Potty, potty, potty, potty!

Mommy: Zana’s in there.

Miles: (Dancing around.) Potty, potty bad!

Mommy: (We hear Zana washing her hands.) Okay, quick go in!

Miles: (Pulls pants down and sits on the potty.) Whew. Dat close one.


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