Anniversary & Christmas, Chicago & California

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Having been married now for two years, Catherine and I decided that we would celebrate as a family by spending a day in Chicago before heading to California for Christmas. We all bundled up as much as possible in an effort to protect our wimpy California bodies from the Illinois cold, and headed out. We had a fun time walking around, looking at the Macy’s window displays, enjoying bratwurst at the Kristkindlmarkt, and drinking hot chocolate. Happily, Andrew made it through without freezing.

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The next day we got on the plane to California for Christmas with our family. In all, we spent about two weeks there. Some of our adventures are recounted in the videos and pictures below:

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At great-grandma and great-grandpa Wilkie’s on Christmas:

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Nick and Tara trying out their new waveboard:

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Andrew has gotten really good at getting around on his own the last month. Here he is crawling around at grandpa and grandma Cromar’s house:

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All the fun and leisure time came to an end as we re-boarded the airplane for Chicago. The weather in California was beautiful, with a temperature of 75 degrees the day before we left. We checked the weather in Champaign on that same day… “feels like -3 degrees”. Yay!

The full set of pictures can be seen on our photo album page.

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