Andrew’s 5th Birthday

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A couple of days after returning home from Nauvoo, we celebrated Andrew’s 5th birthday. This was another thing that was great about our last hurrah summer in Illinois, because Andrew had never had a birthday party with friends before. The past two birthdays we had been in California for Scott’s internships, so we got to have parties with family, but never with friends.

This was just a little before we moved, so you can see we have no dining table, the dressers are in the living room, and everything was a bit out of whack. We kept it small and invited just a few friends, but everyone had a great time with all the Diego-themed activities. We made Diego spotting scopes and Rescue Pack goodie bags, and did an obstacle course in which you had to “rescue” a plastic animal (there’s hardly any activity at the Cromar house that doesn’t involve an obstacle course). My favorite game was the balloon dart game. I put prizes in balloons and taped them to some cardboard on the wall. But, instead of throwing a dart I took a nerf gun bullet and inserted a pin into the end of it. Then we shot the nerf gun at the balloons. What!? You let 4 and 5 year-olds shoot a needle-tipped nerf bullet?! I know, I know, but there was LOTS of adult supervision (thanks to Jeff and Emily!), no one was hurt and the kids thought it was really cool. And look how sweet Elira looks in the picture above…she’s totally harmless.



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