Andrew’s 1st Birthday

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Andrew celebrated his 1st birthday on the 5th of August. I can’t believe that the time has gone by so fast. All those thousand times that I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night must have caused some memory loss.

Anyway, we spent the day apartment hunting, which Andrew loved because he got to explore so many new places, and then had a nice birthday dinner. Andrew seems to like spaghetti, so Catherine made him (and me) a really good spaghetti dinner. Andrew also had a custom made birthday hat, but he wasn’t that into wearing it. He liked tearing it apart though. After dinner we got out the clippers and Andrew got the first hair cut of his life. The evening was topped off with a berry pie with a single candle in the center. It was grand time for all in attendance.

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2 Responses to “Andrew’s 1st Birthday”


    Happy birthday Andrew. I just wish I could have been there. If I was I would have gotten you to look the other way and eaten some of that most delicious pie. Maybe next time with any luck. How does it feel to have two babies on the way. Your going to have to get use to not having all of mommy’s and daddy’s time. Thats going to be very hard. I feel for ya cutie pie. It can be done. Tell mom and dad I said hello. Thanks for all the memories at family reunion, dude. Keep up all the good work posing for pictures and looking like you’re having fun playing and all that stuff. I won’t mom and dad know. It will be our little secret….

  2. SaraCW

    Happiness for Andrew.
    Sadness because this means I haven’t seen you in a year.
    Next time we hang out, will you teach me how to cut spaghetti?