Andrew on Getting Dark Out

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Here’s another story from our trip home from The Dells. Remember, we were trying to get the kids to sleep, so Andrew was trying to figure out how not to sleep.

Andrew: Why it is getting dark all day? (meaning everyday)

Catherine: It’s because the earth rotates and so sometimes the sun shines on us and sometimes it shines on the other side, so sometimes we have light and sometimes we have darkness.

A: Why?

C: Because, that’s how heavenly father made it. (I seem to jump to this answer eventually in all our explanations, since Andrew just keeps asking why.)

A: But why he made it that way?

C: I don’t know. Probably, so we could have day and night, and have some time to sleep.

A: But I don’t want to have day and night (pauses to consider what that he is not saying what he wants to)… I mean, I just want it to be day, and just have it be a huge day and never get dark.

C: Oh, why?

A: So we can always stay awake and play and never have to go to sleep.

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