Andrew in Kindergarten

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We’re getting a little out of order on our summer catch up of posts, but the grandparents requested some pictures of Andrew’s first day of kindergarten, so I thought I’d oblige. We started a new tradition this year called Back to School Family Night. Our church encourages families to get together as a family once a week, enjoy being with each other and learn a churchy type lesson. The church calls it family home evening usually, we end up calling it family night. So to celebrate going back to school, and to make September a more interesting month, we’ve instituted Back to School Family Night. Basically I wrap up the kids’ school supplies, and give it to them as presents. Then for a churchy type lesson we learned about priesthood blessings and had Scott gives each of the kids a blessing to start off the new school year. Additionally, since we moved to a new place, we said a prayer for a blessing on our new home. Here’s the kids getting their gifts:

A couple days later was the big day for our oldest little guy.

Zana, Ellie and I are going to be doing more preschool stuff at home, while Andrew is at school. Zana joined in on the picture taking fun.

But Ellie was feeling like this that day.

¬†Ellie was feeling grouchy, which inevitably leads to slow walking and much pouting, so we stuck her in the wagon and made a little parade over to Andrew’s school. Andrew has been so excited to start school. He met his teacher last week, and since his school is so close, we’ve walked over to play on the play ground several times. After lining up, the kids walked to their class room, but there was a bit of a log jam and Andrew got lost and wandered back to us to ask where he was supposed to go. After a little redirection, he was back on his way to start school.

So cute. And then he came home and we made a video asking him all about his day…which I would share with you, but it’s taking a million years to upload. I’m going to bed, and maybe by morning the video will be uploaded and I can share it.

Oh, I take that back, it finally finished. Here’s our first day interview with Andrew.

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