Andrew Eating and “The Christmas Apartment”

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Andrew is in the process of slowly transitioning to solid foods. Actually, he has been slowly trying new things since he was born, because I can’t seem to resist the urge to put a little bit of whatever I am eating in his mouth. We’ve tried hot sauce, lemons, chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate milkshake, chocolate chip cookies, hamburgers, and ranch dressing. He’s still alive and growing (very fast!), so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Speaking of growing, Andrew is twice the weight he was when he was born. Can you imagine if he continued growing at the rate of doubling in weight every four months? That would be a 450 pound two year old.

Anyway, the baby has been getting a little barley cereal, mixed with some water or juice, for a few weeks, and he has been doing really well with it. Almost from the first bite he has been a good eater, but I think that is only because he doesn’t yet have sufficient command of his limbs to make a real mess.

On Sunday Catherine decided it was time to try something more than just barley. She pulled out three types of vegetable baby food for us to choose from: carrots, peas, and green beans. I don’t know why we even have any green “pukey” beans in the cupboard, but I made sure that Andrew’s first baby food experience was not going to be with the worst bean on earth. So we went with peas, and he seems to have liked it, he even made some mess.

IMG_2921.jpg IMG_2919.jpg IMG_2918.jpg IMG_2923.jpg IMG_2928.jpg IMG_2912.jpg IMG_2913.jpg IMG_2915.jpg IMG_2916.jpg

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Finally, in what has become somewhat of a family tradition (“The Christmas Apartment”), I put up Christmas lights all over the apartment. It’s not as glorious as last year’s, but I like it.

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Here is a flashback to last year’s “The Christmas Apartment”:

light room.jpg

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