Andrew and the Shark Story

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I feel like the past few posts have been mostly about Zana and Elira and not so much about Andrew. On our way home from The Dells (because once you’ve been there you have to say it like that as if everyone else knows what you are talking about), Scott and I were cracking up at some of the stories Andrew was coming up with. We were trying to get everyone to go to sleep in the car, but he was keeping the girls awake with the following.

Andrew: A long time ago a shark came out of the water and ate Zana’s hand off like this “arrrrgh.” And Zana you cried like this “waaaaa.”

Zana: Oh, waaaaaaa.

A: Mommy where we put Zana’s hand?

Catherine: Ummm, probably in the fridge, so it would stay good and we could have a doctor put it back on her.

A: But then her hand would be cold and she would not want it.

Z: (Pretending to shiver) Col, col, col.

C: Oh, maybe we put it in our backpack.

A: Then long time ago, the bad guys came and tried to die (i.e. kill) the shark. Some sharks and crocodiles are nice and some are mean.

Ellie: (Thinking that she wasn’t aware of that fact.) Ooooh.

This story really went on for like 10 minutes, but that was all I could capture of it. Some parts got repeated but changed and jumbled too. I think some mean crocodiles came and tried to die the bad guys, or they all went to the doctor to get Zana’s hand put back on or for someone to get un-died (because that’s what happens when you get killed around our house, you go to the doctor and get un-died). I’m guessing we just spent too much time in the water the previous two days, because you know, The Dells will do that to you.


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