Andrew and the Computer

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As Andrew has become more mobile, he has begun getting into areas of the apartment that are not baby friendly. Prime territory for exploration include the bathroom (especially the toilet), and the computer desk.


So, since I am the computer guy in the house, I took it upon myself to baby-proof the computer with all its cables. I found a really cool method that involves using a pegboard and cable ties, so I decided to give it a shot. The result was a mass of cables and miscellaneous computer parts hooked to a pegboard, all attached to the back of our desk. Now Andrew is “safe”.

IMG_3159.jpg IMG_3164.jpg IMG_3165.jpg IMG_3166.jpg IMG_3161.jpg

We’ve also had some video, and a few pictures that we wanted to put up, so here they are! It’s pretty funny watching Andrew push the box around. He must feel like he is walking.

YouTube Preview Image

IMG_3170.jpg IMG_3171.jpg IMG_3175.jpg

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