And They Finally Came – Twins’ Birth

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Elira and Zana - 1 week

After testing my patience and sanity for a full 39 weeks and 6 days, I finally went in to labor and the twins were finally born. I suspected I would go into labor that day, because I suddenly needed to clean everything, go grocery shopping and finish all the projects I have been putting off for weeks. Not letting my doctor induce me at 39 weeks ended up being a really good decision. I learned that, yes, eventually my body would go into labor on its own. If I had been induced, I would have to spend my whole next pregnancy wondering about that again.

I was handling the contractions pretty well I thought. They hurt, but if I relaxed before one started I could deal with it. Whenever I couldn’t relax enough, like while driving and riding in a wheelchair to the labor and delivery floor, the contractions felt 10 times worse.

I just kept lying and relaxing on the bed dealing with contractions. Scott had to talk me through a few of them, but mostly if no one touched me or talked to me, I could relax through them. So it turns out that I was right about contractions with pitocin hurting me a lot more than my body’s own contractions…I’m so glad I wasn’t induced!

I was also much more prepared and knew to just lie there and relax, instead of trying to move around like I did with Andrew. However, I also learned that contractions are not magically painless for me (I’m too much of an optimist, but I really thought it was possible). They hurt a lot and I was glad when my epidural arrived. Getting an epidural made it go from a lot of work to no work at all, it was nice.

Getting moved to an operating room to deliver (standard procedure with twins) was terrible, because my blood pressure dropped and I almost fainted. Pushing was a breeze and Zana came out without any trouble. I got to see her real quick and then they tried turning Elira. It’s sad Elira wouldn’t turn from her breach position, because having a c-section was not much fun and two easy deliveries would have been nicer. Elira sneezed on me when they held her up for me to see.

And that was that. I had two little girlies, and the craziness was just about to get started.

Here’s a brief timeline of how the thing went down for those like me who like numbers:

  • 3am Woke up, fairly strong contractions coming every 7-8 minutes.
  • 4am Made Scott wake up and get me a banana, continued ordering him around.
  • 5:30am Monica arrived to watch Andrew. We’d been planning for a month on having her watch Andrew when I went into labor. That morning she happened to have been on her way to the temple and was worrying that I might go into labor and she wouldn’t be there. I guess we called her right before she headed out the door, so the timing there must have been divinely inspired.
  • 6am Arrived at hospital, I was at 6 cm and 100% effaced.
  • 8am, Got an epidural, I was at 7 cm, watched Full House and just hung out.
  • 10am, I was at 9 cm.
  • 11am, I was at 10 cm…yay! Got all set up for possible c-section if second baby wouldn’t turn from being breach.
  • 12:10pm All set up, time to start pushing. Pushed a little.
  • 12:20pm Zana was born, doctors tried to turn the second baby, but she wouldn’t turn.
  • 12:37pm Had a c-section, Elira was born.

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