Beach Day

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This morning was cold, gray and gloomy here in Illinois. That was until this Tom Petty song came on the radio this morning.

Growing up in Southern California, we lived about an hour from the beach. It seems like every weekend we made the drive over the mountains to San Clemente. In the mountains, the radio reception would be terrible and we would have to resort to listening to a cassette tape. As my mom had already converted her music collection to CDs, we didn’t have many choices of tapes to listen to. So, every weekend on our way to the beach we listened to the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album Full Moon Fever. Henceforth and forever, Tom Petty will bring me back to the beach. Even here on a gray Spring day in Illinois.

Scott and I went to San Clemente on 4th of July last year for some childhood reminiscence and good boogy boarding. Here’s what it looked like. It was a fun day.


2 Responses to “Beach Day”

  1. SaraCW

    That album always reminds me of the beach, too! Isn’t that crazy? It’s like we validate each other.

  2. Monica

    Yeah! You blog! I wish that we would have thought to put practical things in the easter eggs this year like drain plugs. We just gave boring candy. And it wasn’t very nice to put up a picture of the beach when it’s still cold here. I’m trying to imagine what it would feel like…