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I’m not really one to get really sappy on this blog, but can I just tell you how lately I’ve been really loving being a mother. I can’t say that I’ve always love loved it. I think I’ve had my ups and downs with it, and have mostly averaged around liking it. Having just Andrew… Read more »

How to respond?

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A few minutes ago I woke up from a nap I was taking in Andrew’s room because I could hear chairs scooting around the kitchen and kids voices downstairs. The first thing I heard was Andrew saying, “Girls, do you think we’re going to die from all this candy? I don’t think so.” Not the… Read more »

April Fools

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Every General Conference that happens in April we rotate out the food that is in our emergency supply kits for our car. We usually keep a few days worth of instant soup, granola bars, tuna packets and other things that’ll keep in there until the next April. So I had the kids emergency supply food… Read more »