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Funny quotes about what to be when you grow up

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First off, a random comment I overheard while they were playing. Ellie: Yeah, and if some bad guys come, then you will die. Zana: Yeah, and break. And now, some kid commentary on future careers. (Note: “Princess” is pronounced “pincess” by some of us around here.) Andrew: When I grow up I wanna be Spiderman…. Read more »

Ultimate Dance Party!

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Click to check out the kids’ ultimate dance party! We’ve just about got a dance troupe in the house.

Miles’ Blessing

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So, I just realized that we haven’t posted any pictures since January, and Miles is looking really different. Never fear, we have fixed the problem, and for those who want to see a ton of pictures, we uploaded a few albums to Scott’s google plus account. For those content with just a few, here’s how… Read more »