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Miles’ Birth Story

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I should put some pictures in this post, but I don’t have time right now and I really want to post this tonight, so I’m going to make you follow a link to our photo album. Oh yeah, and here’s some stats: He was born at 5:17pm on November 10th (I know, we missed 11/11/11… Read more »

Some Random Stuff about Fall

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Man, this semester is flying by. It seems like we just got back from California and we’re over halfway done with the semester, a lot of Scott’s short-session classes are ending, and it’s practically the holiday season! Sheesh. This fall we’ve been lucky to have really nice weather and we’ve been almost completely healthy, so… Read more »

Halloween 2011

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We’ve really been doing a lot this fall that I haven’t written about, but I know everyone is dying to see pictures of costumes. So without further ado, I bring you…Halloween 2011. The kids were rock stars and the baby and I were skeletons. I was going to make Scott a skeleton costume too, but… Read more »