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Beach Day

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This morning was cold, gray and gloomy here in Illinois. That was until this Tom Petty song came on the radio this morning. Growing up in Southern California, we lived about an hour from the beach. It seems like every weekend we made the drive over the mountains to San Clemente. In the mountains, the… Read more »


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Easter never seems like that big of a holiday when it comes around, even though it celebrates the most important event in the history of the world. Even so, I find that I tend to enjoy it a great deal. It ends up being a relaxing Sunday that often is spent with friends or family… Read more »

Family Update

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Annually, in the beginning of March, UIUC Engineering holds its Engineering Open House. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal, and for a couple of days the school was overrun by visitors of all ages. There were a lot of cool things to see, including robot wars and contests, a Rube Goldberg Machine contest, and a… Read more »

Sleeping Like a Baby

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A number of things have recently occurred regarding our sleep habits, which have culminated in the perfect storm of non-sleeping mania: Andrew got his first fever and we let him sleep in our bed, because we thought he needed the rest and he wasn’t staying asleep for long in his bed. After just one night… Read more »

Sisters Are Awesome

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My sister Sara and I have always been the best of friends. Today she called me. She is really busy taking care of twin girls and finishing up her B.A. in Vocal Performance, so she doesn’t have all the free time that I do. So I really appreciate it when she calls me. We chatted… Read more »