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Why Do I Have This Blog?

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I’ve been struggling to figure out why I have this blog. I already have one blog that is more for our future business pursuits, and Scott’s website takes care of all our need to tell family about our lives and how cute the baby is. Is this blog destined to be a site of mindless… Read more »

The Andrew at 6 months super-video, and the blower motor

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This morning we were a little late leaving the house for church. Unfortunately, when we got out to the car in the way below freezing temperatures, we found that the inside of the front windshield was covered in ice. Even more unfortunate, when we tried to turn on the heater, we found that the blower… Read more »

The Engineering-Everyone Else Divide

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The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, is an electrical and computer engineer’s dream school. The Electrical and Computer Engineering program at U of I boasts a student population of almost 2,000, with over 100 faculty members, and almost 20,000 living alumni. It holds the largest library of engineering materials in the